NOTE: These archives are again available from IBM from page

Original message from IBM Rational DOORS forum

Archive of Legacy Telelogic DOORS Forum discussion threads is now available

Hello All - I am pleased to inform you that I have posted a archived copy of the DOORS forum discussion threads that were formerly posted on

The file may be downloaded from here -> (~50 MB)

File attachments referenced in the discussion threads may be located in a separately posted file. This file is posted here -> (~100 MB)

If you need assistance with the ftp site, please visit

The forum archive (.zip) file contains an HTML copy of every discussion thread from the forum. See the "Read This First" file included in the archive for more information. Generally, the hyperlink navigation between topic and thread pages should work, but I suggest you may do better by indexing these files with a desktop search tool, and then using keywords to located threads of interest. Please note, any file attachment that was uploaded to the forum and referenced in a thread, should be able to be located, by file name, in the "" archive.

Archives of the other product forums are also available. We are in the process of publishing Tech Notes to announce their availability and point users to the correct download for each forum.


Steve Huntington

Support Integration Leader - Telelogic

IBM Rational

HTTP-links to the above ZIPs on this site (~50 MB) (~100 MB)